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A hand aims a gold and silver paint spray gun.  The paint gun could be used for a wide variety of jobs, from spray painting automobiles to spray painting small, difficult-to-reach spaces.  Use spray paint guns to provide quick and even coverage in many colors.

When it comes to applying paint and finishes, air-powered spray guns provide an attractive alternative to the traditional paintbrush.

What are the benefits of using a spray gun when applying pain and finish? The most obvious is speed. Instead of the days or weeks it might take to complete a large project with a traditional paintbrush, a spray gun allows the user to complete the project in as little as few hours. Instead of applying a coat, sanding, then waiting a day to apply the next coat, multiple coats can be applied in one day.

Air-powered spray painters deliver lighter coats of paint, which dry more quickly. In addition, these lighter layers coat more evenly, and are more likely to hide surface blemishes and scratches.

Another benefit to air-powered spray painters is their flexibility. While different projects many require different kinds of brushes and materials when tackled manually, spray painters can take on just about any job, including painting a house, staining a deck, or even spraying contact cement for flooring.

For smaller, tighter spaces, detail guns—essentially smaller, lighter, and more easily maneuverable paint sprayers—are available.

Spray painting does require some technique before it is perfected, so plenty of practice is suggested before tackling your project.

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