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Two air drills are neatly stored and ready to use for the next job.  This scene depicts a quiet moment before the production lines fire up.  As workers file into the space and the machinery comes to life, these tools will be used to engineer products for various industries.

If portability and size are important features of your drill, look no further than the air-powered drill.

An air drill, powered by compressed air and requiring no separate motor, is significantly smaller and lighter than an electric drill. In addition to being lighter and easier to carry around from job to job, air-powered drills are also smaller than electric drills, and therefore able to get into tighter, smaller spaces.

While it may be tempting to think that their lighter, smaller size results in less power, this is simply not so. In fact, the small size of the drill makes it easier for the user to transfer his or her bodyweight into the drill, resulting in easier use of the drill for jobs that require heavy boring. In addition, as long as the air compressor is strong, a very small and lightweight drill can be quite powerful.

Air-powered drills are typically available with keyless chucks and with variable speeds. In most cases the user is able to control the speed of the drill by the amount of pressure on the trigger. Some models have a speed adjustment screw, which allows the user to ensure consistent speed. On drills without variable speeds, speed can be controlled to some degree by varying the air pressure delivered by the compressor.

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